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Blackwater Marathon* Ride

Start and finish at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge visitor center. Roll out at 9AM. Distance approximately 26.21 miles, *same as a marathon! 

B-Group, No-Drop. Make sure to have your lights, plenty of water and bright-colored jerseys! We'll plan on taking a few group photo ops along the way! After-ride gather at RAR Brewing in Cambridge for re-hydration libations!


Route Details: 

1. START on Visitor Center Access Road to West (Left) on Key Wallace Drive.

2. South (Left) on Route 335, Golden Hill Road.

3. East (Left) on Route 336, Lakesville Road.

4. Bend south (Right) on Lakesville Road.

5. East (Left) on Andrews Road.

6. North (Left) on Maple Dam Road.

7. West (Left) on Key Wallace Drive.

8. South (Left) on Wildlife Drive (enter park and pay $1.00 admission fee.)

9. North on Wildlife Drive - Key Wallace Drive Exit.

10. East (Right) on Key Wallace Drive.

11. South (Right) on Visitor Center Access Road to FINISH.

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