Welcome to Chesapeake Cycling Club's new custom Athlos club kits! 

I: First, review the two designs pictured below, and pick the design, or designs, you want, including if you want a full-kit (jersey and shorts/bib shorts) or just a jersey. Check the Link for jersey options including the many different accessories


II: You have a choice between two different Jersey cuts, club fit “Squad One,” and pro fit “Breakaway.” Decide which cut you want.

III: Determine what size you need. If you want to try on examples for size, please visit one of our generous sponsors, Bike Doctor in Kent Island.  Located at 350 Thompson Creek, Stevensville, MD 21666. They have some Squad One and Breakaway styles available in their Bike Doctor merchandise for they use the same company.

If you need the Promo code please reach out to me Eric Griffioen ericgriffioen@icloud.com

Please reach out to me by email for an extra $30 both current members and anyone looking to join the club

Deadline for Orders - 2022

Delivery - about 4 to 6 weeks 

Have before May 14th C3 Tri-county classic

C3 Kit #1.jpg
C3 Kit #2.jpg