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Tips & Reminders

From Your Friends Who Care About You . . . 

Tips and Reminders for a Better and Safer Riding Experience (for you and those in your group.)

  1. Lights! Charge your lights and put them on your bike. Especially the tail light. But a front light is great in low-light conditions. Then turn them on! A group of riders all with lights are much easier to see.

  2. Be Seen! Wear jerseys with colors that are easy to spot! Such as the signature C3 white and orange!

  3. Vocal and Hand Signals. If you are riding in a group, be aware of your surroundings. Point out obstructions on the roadbed to your fellow riders so that they may avoid them. Learn the proper hand signals to use to let others know you are slowing or stopping, turning, etc. Keep your head on a swivel. Be predictable! Learn More Here.

  4. Call Out Cars! When you are riding in a group, it’s important to call out cars. “Car Up,” “Car Back,” “Car Left,” “Car Right,” etc., etc. Look over your shoulder to see if you or your group are being overtaken by a car, or if cars are approaching an intersection when you and your group are nearing. The objective is to keep everyone and yourself safe!

  5. Rules of the Road. It’s always safest to obey the rules of the road. And it’s the law.

  6. Inflation. Always make sure your tires are properly inflated before you start your ride. Underinflated tires invite pinch flats (the dreaded snake bite.) Check out the Silka Tire Inflation Calculator Website Here.

  7. Know How to Change a Tire! Get familiar with how to get your tires, front and back, off your bike.

  8. Puncture Kit. Make sure you bring a spare innertube (or two) with correct stem length, or tires and sealant as needed (tube or tubeless setup,) and CO2 cartridges and/or a pump as you prefer, as well as tire levers.

  9. Know the Route. Use a bike computer, or refer to our routes on the club’s ride calendar. If you don’t have a bike computer, you can download to your phone or print cue sheets.

  10. Let Someone Know Where You Are. If you are our riding alone, let someone know where you’re planning to be … just in case.

  11. Take Your Phone with You!

  12. Ride Clean! One of the best ways to have a smooth ride is to clean your drive train, chain, chain rings, cassette, fly wheel, etc. and lubing your chain with appropriate lube.

  13. Brakes! I: Make sure your brakes are adjusted and working properly BEFORE you take off. II: When you are riding in a pace line or a bunch, make sure your hands are on your brakes! You may need them in a hurry!

  14. Hard Head. Make sure your helmet fits properly, and that your chin strap is adjusted properly. ALWAYS wear a helmet.

  15. Fuel the Ride. If you’re going out for a long ride, make sure to bring some energy bars or a gel pack or two, to keep your energy level up.

  16. Liquid Love. Make sure to drink liquids on your ride, preferably with potassium and electrolytes. Gatorade, or water with added hydration tablets work great. This is especially important on long rides during the warmer months.

  17. Pace Your Ride. Make sure to leave a little ‘in the tank’ for the end of your ride. You don’t want to overdo it at the beginning and find that you’ve ‘blown up’ and can’t finish.

  18. Riding the Line. In a pace line or in a bunch, it is important to not overlap wheels with the rider in front of you, and to stay predictable for your follow riders. Agile bike-handling skills can take some practice and experience. Let the others in a group know where you are in relationship to them, especially when passing, etc. Using your voice is never a bad idea!

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